Public asked to 'dob in a dealer'

MEMBERS of the public are being asked to dob in drug dealers under a new police initiative

Police and Crime Stoppers will today launch a new, state-wide campaign in NSW aimed at mobilising members of the public in the fight against the drug ice (crystal methylamphetamine).

Over the next six months, the Dob in a Dealer campaign will be held in to 21 locations across NSW, starting in Redfern.

The campaign will run in each location for two weeks, during which police and Crime Stoppers will conduct intensive community-engagement activities.

These will highlight the important role members of the public have to play in helping police to shut down drug-manufacturing syndicates and arrest drug suppliers. Local residents will be urged to contact Crime Stoppers, where they can report drug-dealing activities anonymously.

Data from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research illustrate the burgeoning "ice" problem.
In the 36 months to September 2015, arrests for amphetamine possession soared by 75.3% across NSW (up from 5,063 in 2013 to 8,876 in 2015).

Over the same time period, arrests for dealing/trafficking amphetamines in NSW increased 34% (from 1,567 in 2013 to 2,099 in 2015).

There has also been a steady increase in the number of clandestine drug laboratories detected by police in NSW. In 2008 there were 55; by last year this had jumped to 106.

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