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Puppy with braces becomes internet sensation

HE'S the braces wearing puppy that has taken the internet by storm.

Meet Wesley. This golden retriever pup became an internet sensation after photos of his cute "brace face" were posted on Facebook and shared thousands of times.

The Harborfront Hospital for Animals in the US posted the pics of Wesley after he received a mouthful of metal courtesy of Dr Jim Moore, their "doggy dentist".

"When people hear that Dr Moore is a 'doggie dentist' they immediately say things like: 'What? Does he put braces on dogs, too?'" they wrote.

"The answer is . . . yes. Yes, he does."

Welsey needed braces to correct his tooth alignment because "he could not close his mouth completely".

"The good news is, the correction he needed will be brief, perhaps only a few weeks," they wrote.

"Also, it obviously doesn't bother him one little bit (if you look at the 'after' photo). He's a happy little guy."

Harborfront Hospital for Animals | Facebook

The Harborfront Hospital for Animals shared the pictures to raise awareness for February being the US's National Pet Dental Health month.

After the photos of Wesley went viral, the clinic said they were "overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and interest" in Wesley.

"Dental care is just as important for the pets we love as it is for us and we are glad that his cute 'brace face' brought such interest," they wrote.

"He is happily enjoying some of the benefits of his celebrity (although he already had ample hugs, kisses and belly rubs).

"Most importantly, he is eating well, playing, and feeling wonderful."

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