An aerial view of Skinner Street, the South Grafton CBD.
An aerial view of Skinner Street, the South Grafton CBD. Adam Hourigan

ON THE MAP: South Grafton focus of business boost

WITH online retailers and large retail centres north and south of the Clarence Valley putting a strain on local retailers, The Daily Examiner is looking to try new ways to grow businesses in our region.

Starting today, On The Map will look to take a new approach to advertising and get more people out on the street and into stores.

Focusing on the burgeoning retailers in South Grafton's business centre, The Daily Examiner's key account executive Rob Burley said the series would increase exposure to an area, rather than a particular business.

"Rather than going for one-on-one ads to try and get one particular business up we're trying to drive people to a particular CBD and get people around that CBD to advertise and that then draws feet to the street," Mr Burley said.

"The whole idea of feet to the street is that bricks and mortar is struggling with online shopping where you can get cheap, easy things, but the one thing we're trying to impress on people is that you can't get service from those sorts of places.

"You can't walk into a shop, pick things up and feel them and see if it fits right, and once you've bought it you can't return it easily or swap it over or get advice, so if we approach it from the view of CBD and get people into the street, it'll feed into other shops.

"People will see what's out there and then walk across the street and go to other businesses and they will grow too.

"As the business district grows, then more people will come, and that's the idea."

The feature will appear once a week, and as businesses stay in the feature, the cost of advertising in it will drop.

"It's a chance for us to give back to them at the same time, and hopefully that breeds a better relationship community wise with the advertising part of the paper and the paper by extension," Mr Burley said.

"It's going to be every week, but the minimum term is four weeks, and businesses can stay in for as long as they want.

"We will want some people to drop out, so that the page looks different.

"Some businesses will do it for five months because it suits them, but for the rest of the year it won't benefit them, and there'll be other businesses that just want to do four weeks and then there'll be other businesses that eventually pick it up and want to be there all the time, so it's just a way to share it around."

Businesses interested can contact Rob Burley on 6643 0599 or Peter Smajstr on 6643 0554.

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