Carl Barron puts the extra into ordinary bloke

THE cars exiting the library carpark after Carl Barron's final show at the Saraton on Monday night was akin to a scene normally resigned to a capital city event. Bumper to bumper traffic, gridlocked while taking turns to exit, reversing lights going off all over the place as cars battled over who was leaving their parking space first.

And this was the more subdued night of Barron's run of three shows, the other two selling out weeks in advance. Such is the appeal of the unassuming comedian whose trademark 'ordinary' masks an intelligence and acumen audiences may have picked up during his one and a half hour Drinking With a Fork routine.

The timing, story-telling, observational humour and plain whacky behaviour all gelled together under the one charismatic but extremely clever comedian. The art of good comedy is the effortless, improvised fashion in which it's delivered, and Barron is the master of the casual delivery. In fact he is so good at it many, let's call them smartarses, can't help but yell out occasionally, as was witnessed at Monday's show. While he is certainly not cruel to his hecklers, he very much understands the human psyche as his off-the-cuff comebacks and improvised material revealed. He also masks his competent musicianship by goofing around which is also part of the Barron persona, he's clever but he makes sure his audience doesn't think he is too clever.

Drinking With a Fork was a rollicking ride of side-splitting proportions, the breadth and effectiveness of the content setting off cackles and guffaws around the room, highlighted with some high octane arias which were promptly mocked by Barron if deemed too outlandish. He certainly is a comedian for the people and with so many regional centres selling out multiple shows, other entertainers might be wise to pay close attention.

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