Quick-thinking son saves dad

IF it wasn't for the quick thinking and cool head of five-year-old Will McConnell, his dad Tim may not be here today.

Last Saturday, Will and his dad were at a South Grafton property dropping off a load of gravel before heading to Will's BMX sign-on day.

When Tim stopped at a locked cattle grid, he reversed the truck and got out to check a gate. Although he remembered putting the truck's handbrake on, somehow it didn't lock on properly.

He said he heard his son yell out to him and then saw the truck rolling back towards him.

Tim tried to run around the truck but didn't make it. The truck pinned him to the gate, crushing his body.

Although he still does not know how he managed to free himself, he found he could not stand up or even crawl.

“That's when I yelled for Will to get help,” he said.

“I told him, 'don't stand too close to the road.'”

Will ran out to Rushworth Road and managed to quickly flag down a passing car.

From there, a passer-by called an ambulance and Tim was rushed to Grafton Base Hospital, where he has been treated since Saturday.

Tim said if it was not for his son, he would have had to wait for the owner of the property to come home and discover him.

“I would have just had to hope someone found me,” he said.

For his part, Will didn't seem to think his actions were a big deal.

“I wasn't scared,” he said.

“I put my hand up, Dad told me to” he said, demonstrating his actions for The Daily Examiner.

For Will's family however, his actions meant Tim could get the help he needed.

“He's a bit of a hero,” Will's grandmother Jenny Livermore said. “He's a very brave kid.”

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