Rain hits canetoad round up

FOR 364 nights of the year, children are banned from running around the Yamba Golf Course, especially in the rain.

But Sunday night was the one exception when kids are set loose on the greens to hunt and catch cane toads.

This year more people than ever turned up for the 11th annual cane toad round up.

There were mums, dads grand parents, teenagers and an army of school children armed and willing to target Yamba's cane toad hot spot.

In total 373 people bagged around 1430 slimy, wart infested toads, a great success, according to National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

Last year a record 2500 toads were bagged, but Lawrence Orel, of NPWS said the decline was probably due to the torrential downpour at around 8.30pm that caused many families to call it quits early.

“People were probably not as keen to ferret around in the undergrowth in the rain,” Mr Orel said.

He said the rain could have also kept the toads away, as they preferred still nights.

But many seasoned toad hunters thought the drop in numbers was due to fewer toads on the course.

Last year Yamba father Bob Kershaw's team collected the most toads, 250 in total but this year they caught six.

“It's a lot harder this year,” Mr Kershaw said.

“The spot we went to last year, we just stayed there the whole time but this year we couldn't find any.”

The Yamba YHA Backpackers team won the prize for most toads caught with a bag full of 92 toads

The team was largely made up of travellers from all over the world, keen to experience their first cane toad hunt.

“When I heard about it I thought I'd give it a go for something different,” Paul Reeve, of England said.

Paul caught a whopper weighing 198 grams, but it was a baby compared to the largest toad on the night. The Yamba Ram Rods team bagged a monster toad weighing in at 305 grams.

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