JUDGED TO PERFECTION: Race winner Dion Wilks leads the group up Fish Farm Hill at Trenayr. PHOTO: BRAD COOPER
JUDGED TO PERFECTION: Race winner Dion Wilks leads the group up Fish Farm Hill at Trenayr. PHOTO: BRAD COOPER

Rain still causing havoc for the world of two wheels

THAT pesky, annoying rain lingering around the Valley is causing havoc on all sporting ventures including the world of two wheels.

This week again saw on-road and off road events called off, namely the Yamba Crit Training and the Chook Race - the chookens are getting rather restless and may start turning upon themselves.

A gap in the weather on Saturday morning meant racing at Trenayr got the nod, starting a little latter than the norm due to the daylight sleeping in. Twenty eager beavers got things up and running.

The club handicapper was focused on creating an epic 'all-in-one' finish sprint, and boy, did he deliver, with "what a finish, can you believe that?" the common talk on the pedal back to the coffee shop.

The field was spread out over eight minutes broken into seven groups. Dave Rowe got things started then Rhonda Thew, several small groups followed and at the 7.15-minute mark the "chopping block" headed off, 45 seconds ahead of the scratch bunch.

After the second turn and subsequent return leg up towards the Ag Station, the back markers were flying and those ahead knew the inevitable was about to happen.

This is the feeling of dread when your world is about to come caving in and your only hope is to attempt to sit on the back of the thundering group. But with speeds upwards of 60kph (luckily in the 100kph zone) there is often little hope.

Once the group conquered the hill and began their descent, Jye Reardon showed his 'message of intent' in his trademark ripping the legs off any who attempted to follow. Reardon opened up a sizable advantage with only Dion Wilks and Tim Bartlett staying close.

Fresh from his Grafton to Inverell ride, Greg Coombes bridged the gap and brought with him the remaining field who were hanging on for dear life.

After the final turn and onto the steady climb home, Reardon Senior, not to be outdone by Junior, showed the peloton just where Jye gets his leg-ripping abilities from.

Garry Reardon opened up a sizeable gap in what many thought was the winning move. But a second win of the Summer Series eluded him, and with a kilometre to go, the ravenous pack pounced as the road looked more like a Gladiator Coliseum as everyone fought for grim life.

With 50 metres to go, Jye Reardon located his reverse tank and threw it all out there as he hurtled towards the light.

This attempt proved only to be a solid lead-out, as club coach/handicapper Dion Wilks (yes, handicapper) pulled out of Jye's slipstream with 10 metres to go and sprinted for glory, taking Erron Hennessy with him, leaving the hard working Jye Reardon to round out the podium

The handicapper was very happy with his efforts both on clipboard duties and on the bike, but a well-deserved and respected win coach.

Sunday saw the unfortunate cancellation of the Pinch and Punch 3-hour Mountain Bike Enduro at sunny Bom Bom State Forest, with The BomBom Wrecking Crew rescheduling for this Sunday. All entries from last week will still be honoured.

Our own Berty Bellringa decided to put the schooner glass down and lead an exploring expedition into the wilderness instead. Only thing achieved was losing a phone ... but a top effort Mr Tour-guide.

Vlad out.

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