Workers hunt Ramsey for document

GRANT Tomlinson decided that three weeks was more than enough time to wait for a document to be posted to his home.

Yesterday, the former Grafton abattoir worker phoned his old boss, Michael Considine, and asked when he was going to receive the document promised by Mr Considine more than three weeks ago in Yamba.

According to Mr Considine, the 'Ramsey document', as it has become known, allegedly proves that abattoir owner Stuart Ramsey agreed to take total financial responsibility for the sacked workers' entitlements.

When Mr Tomlinson phoned Michael Considine yesterday he was told by Mr Considine that his solicitor, Casino-based Frank Hannigan, was not returning his calls which was why a copy of the document had not been sent to Mr Tomlinson.

“He (Considine) said that Ramsey also had a copy of the document and that I should call him and ask for it,” he said.

“He said if I didn't have any luck with that I should write to his solicitor, Frank Hannigan.

“I told him that Hannigan won't return my calls either, but he said that if I write to him he will reply. So I'll give that a go.”

Mr Tomlinson said he wasn't sure whether or not to believe the Ramsey document existed.

“There could be some truth to the existence of the document but I do have my doubts. I feel like I'm chasing my tail,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Tomlinson said he had heard 'through the grapevine' that Mr Considine had been served with papers giving him 12 days to produce company records detailing sacked Tempus Holdings' employees.

The Daily Examiner was unable to confirm from the Workplace Ombudsman's office whether or not papers had been served on Mr Considine.

However, a spokesman for the Workplace Ombudsman's office indicated that progress with the investigation was being made.

He said workplace inspectors were attempting to obtain Tempus Holdings' company employment records and other documents relating to the sacked workers' complaints.

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