Fat Cattle Report: More than 700 head sold

Ray Donovan Stock and Station Agents

There were 733 head of cattle yarded at the Grafton Fat Cattle Sale 1st September 2015.

Another excellent sale this week, although not as many good bullocks on offer. All export cattle sold to a similar rates with any downward prices due to quality. Veal sold 3 to 8c/kg dearer, re-stocker demand was very strong on the suitable lines selling 10 to 15c/kg dearer.

Sale Highlights include:

Okewood Investments Pty Ltd sold Steers 272c/kg weighed 590kgs - $1,604.80p/hd

Rick Cavanough sold Steers 285.2c/kg weighed 490kgs - $1,397.48p/hd

Also sold Heifers 269.2c/kg weighed 405kgs - $1,090.26p/hd

Also sold Heifers 292.2c/kg weighed 280kgs - $818.16p/hd

Smiths Creek Yearling Beef sold Steers 300c/kg weighed 410kgs - $1,230.00p/hd

D J Vickery sold Steers 283.2c/kg weighed 505kgs - $1,430.16p/hd

Mannifera Pty Ltd sold Heifers 268.2c/kg weighed 488.8kgs - $1,310.83p/hd

Also sold Bulls 280c/kg weighed 940kgs - $2,632.00p/hd

O'Neill sold Heifers 269.2c/kg weighed 555kgs - $1,494.06p/hd

Also sold Heifers 260.2c/kg weighed 508.8kgs - $1,323.77p/hd

Also sold Cows 260.2c/kg weighed 610kgs - $1,587.22p/hd

H J & R B Raven sold Cows 260c/kg weighed 640kgs - $1,664.00p/hd

M L & C M Joe sold Cows 250c/kg weighed 575kgs - $1,437.50p/hd

R N Armitage sold Heifers 290.2c/kg weighed 312.5kgs - $906.88p/hd

E H Wheeldon sold Steers 312.2c/kg weighed 237.5kgs - $741.48p/hd

Simon Cronin sold Vealer Heifers 293.2c/kg weighed 267.5kgs - $784.31p/hd

Also sold Vealer Heifers 296.2c/kg weighed 245kgs - $725.69p/hd

W G & J A Weick sold Vealer Heifers 295.2c/kg weighed 235kgs - $693.72p/hd

Also sold Vealer Steers 290.2c/kg weighed 290kgs - $841.58p/hd

M MacDonald sold Vealer Steers 300.2c/kg weighed 266kgs - $798.53p/hd

D Newton sold Vealer Steers 338.2c/kg weighed 205kgs - $693.31p/hd

Beverley Bennett sold Vealer Heifers 299.2c/kg weighed 200kgs - $598.40p/hd

Paul Schofield sold Vealer Heifers 358.2c/kg weighed 130kgs - $465.66p/hd

Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents

733 cattle yarded at Grafton on September 1.The market for grown cattle sold fully firm to dearer than last week with bullocks selling to 289c/kg and cows to 265c/kg. Vealers were dearer by 7-8c/kg with the slaughter calves selling at 300c/kg. Restockers were also very stable with the market selling dearer by 7-12c/kg.












VEALERS - OVER 190KG288300


S & C Brown bullocks sold to 270c/kg, weighed 745kg and returned $2012/hd.

PR & BA Ensbey bullocks sold to 276c/kg, weighed 680kg and returned $1871/hd.

Marg & Tank Gray bullocks sold to 274c/kg, weighed 475kg and returned $1293/hd.

Mitch & Rebecca Davis feeder steers sold to 280c/kg, and returned $1100/hd to the feedlot.

APS & KG Short heifers sold to 252c/kg, weighed 450kg and returned $1126/hd.

Le Breton Nominees heifers sold to 260c/kg, weighed 528kg and returned $1372/hd.

KR & SS Woodward cows sold to 250c/kg, weighed 510kg and returned $1271/hd.

Kahuna angus cows sold to 265c/kg, weighed 610kg and returned $1617/hd.

NF & RL Thompson cows sold to 245c/kg, weighed 402kg and returned $1127/hd.

Hermitage Station cows sold to 236c/kg, weighed 443kg and returned $1041/hd.

Di Mattia & Kroehnert yearlings sold to 288c/kg, weighed 360kg and returned $1030/hd.

B & M Thompson vealers sold to 300c/kg, weighed 225kg and returned $670/hd.

J McGregor vealers sold to 300c/kg, weighed 275kg and returned $820/hd.

H Smith angus steers sold to 348c/kg, and returned $537/hd.

Ken Watters vealers sold to 298c/kg, weighed 255kg and returned $758/hd.

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