The new IPhone 6s at Telstra
The new IPhone 6s at Telstra Bev Lacey

Read this before you buy your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus

FOR the tech-heads among us, today is the day.

Apple's latest iPhones - the 6S and 6S Plus - are now on sale throughout Australia, with each offering 6GB, 64GB and 128GB models.

For the less savvy among us, 128GB is capable of storing about 25,600 songs.

That makes it perfect for using exclusively for looking at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Of course these super-dooper sleek gadgets come with an equally super-dooper pricetag, depending on what kind of contract you sign.

Australian comparison website has crunched the number so would-be buyers can be well-armed before they are wooed by any slick-talking salesman or blinded by the shine of these new gizmos.

Finder compared 216 deals from different telcos which put users on 1GB, 3GB or 10GB per month download plans.
There were 90 contract plans from the major four providers - Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin.

There are a further126 month-to-month plans from thoser four, plus Boost and Amaysim.

If you use don't need to download an enormous amount, Finder suggests buying the phone outright, instead of going with a contract.

"For 1GB per month deals for example, buying the phone outright is the cheapest option, with Boost's $20 per month pre-paid plans coming out on top," according to a Finder statement.

"The biggest difference in cost across these six phones for 1GB of data per month is $720 over 24 months."

But if you're a heavier user, a contract could be your best bet.



Finder's Angus Kidman said buying outright used to be the cheapest option, but now there are exceptions.

"In fact, our research for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus plans shows that taking out a contract could end up being cheaper than the initial cost of the handset if you bought it outright and went on a month-to-month plan.

"However, if you only use a small amount of data per month, outright will be your best option.

"Regardless of whether you choose to buy a mobile phone outright or go with a contract, there's still a big difference between the costs from each carrier so make sure you compare deals and find a plan that suits how much data you'll use and the number of calls you will make."

These are the cheapest deals as found by See the full results here


The cheapest iPhone 6S, 6SPlus plans.
The cheapest iPhone 6S, 6SPlus plans.

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