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Repeat offender busted for drugs, driving offences

SIX months into a two-year court-ordered driving licence disqualification, Mark Samuel Duricin was caught behind the wheel.

He was also busted and charged with drug offences - an Ipswich court hearing of his long term issues with illicit drug use.

Despite an Ipswich magistrate noting defence submissions Duricin was making some progress away from drug use, the auto mechanic was sentenced to more time in jail.

Duricin, 30, from Camira, went before Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to two groups of charges including possession of dangerous drugs - crystal meth and marijuana at Camira on October 26 last year; possession of drug utensils; driving when court disqualified at Richlands on December 1, 2018; possession of dangerous drugs (methylamphetamine, marijuana) on December 1; and possession of property used in the commission of a drug offence.

In facts put by Sen-Const Elmore, Duricin was intercepted at an RBT while driving on December 1, telling police he was not licensed but a disqualified driver.

When told to empty his pockets, hundreds of rolled up notes were found in a clip-seal bag.

Clip-seal bags held 2.285g of methylamphetamine and 0.7g grams of marijuana.

Acting magistrate Rob Turra noted Duricin's progress (with a prior criminal history involving drug charges) and that previous work opportunities had been destroyed by his drug use.

Mr Turra said the offences occurred on the back of a Supreme Court sentence imposed for serious drug offences involving methamphetamine and marijuana.

In those matters, Duricin received a two-year jail sentence and spent 456 days held in pre-sentence custody.

He was subject to parole when he re-offended.

Mr Turra said the words of the judge should still have been "echoing in your mind” when he re-offended.

Duricin was read some of comments made at that time, after prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore again put them on the record.

It included the strong warning that if he continued offending, he would be spending much more time in jail.

Mr Turra said Duricin's disqualified driving offence occurred just six months into his licence disqualification. His licence was disqualified for another two years.

Mr Turra sentenced him to 15 months' jail for possession of meth on December 1, and 12 months' jail (concurrent) for possession of meth and marijuana on October 26, and three months for having marijuana.

Duricin will be eligible to begin his application for parole from November 26.

He was given credit for the eight days previously spent in custody.

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