Repeat offender lands 100 hours of community service

"DO you want to go to jail?" Magistrate David Heilpern asked a 22-year-old South Grafton man facing repeat drive while disqualified charges in Grafton Local Court.

Luke Sam Gauci faced a grilling from the magistrate as Mr Heilpern on Monday as he and solicitor Greg Coombes sought to keep Gauci from a full time custodial sentence.

The magistrate eventually came up with a sentence of 100 hours of community service, but it came with a stern warning for a Gauci, who has shown a disregard for the court's sentence in the past.

Mr Heilpern noted Gauci failed to serve out a previous sentence of 400 hours of community service and breached a good behaviour bond.

Police detected Gauci driving while disqualified on February 4 this year, putting him in breach of court orders handed down in 2010 for a drive while disqualified offence.

"Why did you drive?" Mr Heilpern demanded.

"No reason," Gauci replied.

Mr Heilpern noted Gauci had three children.

"If you go to jail your children will not be able to visit you there," he said.

"I don't know what it takes to make you aware of the seriousness of your situation.

"If you're brought back to court, you'll go straight to jail."

In addition to the CSO, Mr Heilpern disqualified Gauci from driving for another two years.

"If I had to make a prediction, I would say you'll end up in jail," Mr Heilpern said.

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