Report all crime plea

THE community must report crime, says a business leader at Iluka.

President of the Iluka Chamber of Commerce, Jim Critchley, urges anyone who witnesses or suspects a non-urgent crime or suspicious activity to report it to Police Link, formerly known as the Police Assistance Line, on 131 444.

“The underlying issue which has been brought to a head by recent events is that if the community increased the level of reporting crime and antisocial behaviours, it would go a long way to giving police the level of resourcing they need,” Mr Critchley said.

When calling Police Link, rather than their local station, people will speak directly to a trained operator who will organise follow-up actions when necessary, as well as record the activity in an official police report.

“This is the most effective way of getting a response for non-urgent incidents, and adding to police intelligence,” he said.

Mr Critchley said that only then would police resourcing have a chance of accurately reflecting the needs of the community.

Reporting of non-urgent crimes in this way would also go a long way to alleviating the frustration which Mr Critchley believes is created when people try to contact their local station and their calls get diverted, promoting a negative feeling towards local police.

“I am very much supportive of police, not just in Yamba but across the Clarence, and I would like to see them adequately resourced,” he said.

“It is the responsibility of the community to help police by reporting activity. It helps the police get the resources they need to do their job and adds to their intelligence.

“If it (crime) was adequately reported, there would be more resources,” Mr Critchley said.

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