Residents question 'pointless' resealing

Residents are calling for improvements to unsealed sections of the Clarence Way.
Residents are calling for improvements to unsealed sections of the Clarence Way. Jenna Thompson

FINE FLOWER residents are fed up with the state of their dirt roads after a "pointless" resealing project was completed this week.

The 600 metre stretch of tarred road between Carnham Road and Oaky Creek Bridge was torn up last month and scheduled to be resealed yesterday to the tune of $200,000 which one resident says is completely unnecessary.

"Why tear up perfectly food bitumen and put it back down again when they could use it to seal the rest of Clarence Way?" said the Fine Flower resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

Clarence Valley Council General Manager Ashley Lindsay said that the stripping and resealing was due to several failures detected in the road.

"We did a routine resealing inspection and there were structural failures in excess of 25 percent of the 600-metre length of road, so there was no point simply resealing it as part of general maintenance." Mr Lindsay said. "The long-term benefits were then assessed and it was found to be better off ripping up the road, adding gravel, compacting it down and then putting another seal over the top."

However, Fine Flower residents have said they want the rest of Clarence Way brought up to a reasonable standard.

Just beyond the newly re-sealed section is more than six kilometres of dirt road that, despite being graded by Council on a regular basis, residents say still falls short of safety regulations.

"The state of this road is shocking. It tears tyres to pieces and wrecks the suspension," the frustrated resident said. "I've had a broken windscreen and headlights knocked out from gravel hitting my car. We are fed up with the state of these roads."

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