IF FIRE was threatening your home, blazing mere kilometres away, you would want as much information as possible, to keep your home and family safe - that's all Carmel is asking for.

The Halfway Creek resident has had fire burning just down the road from her home for days. While the danger hasn't made its way to her doorstep yet, all she wants to know is what will happen next.

"The main thing was getting actual information. I had a grab bag with important papers and another bag just ready to go," she said.

"The (Fires Near Me) app wasn't updated enough. I was ringing head office of the RFS and them having to check and explain, 'no, you're okay'."

Kungala resident, Jerry Landrigan echoed Carmel's sentiments.

Flames came about 10km from Mr Landrigan's property. He said police officers and firefighters on the ground were very helpful in directing residents, but more information was needed.

"We think it (Fires Near Me) should've been updated a bit more with how everything was travelling especially when we were the ones going to be in danger," he said.

Carmel is no stranger to the fear a bush fire instils, a few years ago herself and her late husband had to evacuate their home in Southern NSW and camp on a showground for two days.

"We were evacuated, and we were away from our home for two days, we didn't know what was happening. We were like refugees, we had to register with the Red Cross" she said.

Carmel said no directions of an emergency meeting or registration point had been provided to residents.

"There's a Halfway Creek hall, but what is the point of going to a Halfway Creek hall if there is no one there to register you?" she said.

"If you are evacuated there has got to be a point you have got to go to be registered so everybody knows where everybody is."

Carmel said firefighters had done an incredible job to contain the fire and she "couldn't highly enough praise" the volunteers.

"All we want is information, if we have to evacuate that's fine, but just to know."

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