MONDAY SPORT ROUND UP: Latest sport scores and results



RESULTS of indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, November 17 and 19.

Tuesday: Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors.

Scores out of 200: (15 Mts) Jesse Shepherd 193 (17 X's)(Junior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 193 (13 X's)(Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 186 (Senior Sighted), Toby Revell 183 (Junior Sighted), Shania Grant 180 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 164 (Senior Sighted), Ethan McDonough 125 (Junior Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 123 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 122 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Heath Revell 85 (Cub Sighted), Vince Guilia 84 (Senior Longbow), Maureen Brincat 74 (Senior Longbow). Score out of 100: Nathan Kendell 47 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs.

Scores out of 300: (15 Mts) Jesse Shepherd 291 (Junior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 287 (Junior Sighted), Toby Revell 282 (Junior Sighted), Luke Skinner 278 (Senior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 265 (13 X's)(Cub Sighted), Jaz Trickett 265 (9 X's)(Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 262 (Senior Sighted), Gavin Bridges 201 (Senior Longbow), Alan Wilson 196 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 189 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 177 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Warren Hutchinson 161 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Phil Adams 134 (Senior Longbow), Vince Guilia 132 (Senior Longbow), Maureen Brincat 91 (Senior Longbow). Score out of 200: Shania Grant 184 (Junior Sighted).

Next Outdoor shoot: (Christmas Camp-out) December 4, 5 and 6 at Bawden's Bridge course. Club supplies dinner Saturday night for members and their families. Novelty shoots.

Indoor Archery at 21 Turf St, Grafton on the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy St. Tuesday from 6pm, Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Thursday from 6pm, Seniors, Juniors, Cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.

-Jeff Thompson




TUESDAY - The weather is heating up and it was a very pleasant surprise to find the Lawrence Golf Club boys have erected the shades over our new seats. Very much appreciated, thank you all.

Ken and Eric played hard trying to perfect their famous in off shots. Bon had a great jump shot, well done.

THURSDAY - Still hot and dry. We welcomed two new players, Sue and Geoff. I'm sure you will enjoy this great game.

Scorers - Joy with a nice in off shot, Esmae, Carole and Karen all managed Hoop to Hoops and Leanne got all excited over two jump shots (so would I).

A reminder for the Xmas Luncheon on November 26. Appropriately a jacaranda tree has been planted close by the croquet courts in remembrance of Hazel and Brien.

New players are always welcome. Our days of play are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7.30am. All equipment is supplied. The cost to play is $6 per session.

For more information contact Carole Radford 0427 783 330 or Karen Marsden 0437 157 198 or just turn up to play. We are located at the Lawrence Golf Course, Anne/March streets, Lawrence.

-Kathy Trim



LAST Wednesday was a pleasant, cool morning, we played seven point games and the winning teams were: Clare/Steve, Toni/Margaret, Genny/Rhonda, Cheryl/Susie M, Toni/Genny, Clare/Steve, Dot/Graham, Cheryl/Ray, Susie M/Rhonda, June/Lexie, Toni/Clare. Genny ran a hoop and has won the Sheriff's Badge and Toni and Clare both had a good day with the mallet. Players, the days are getting hotter so please remember your hats and sunscreen. John had his surgery and the latest from Fay is that he is out of intensive care and they have even had him up on his feet for a brief period. Mal's knee continues to improve and he is looking forward to coming back.

Join us on Wednesdays arrive 8.30am for 9am hit off. New members and visitors welcome, flat soled shoes are a must. All equipment supplied and people to teach you the game of "Golf Croquet" or if you are already playing we would love to have game with you. Cost is $10. Contact John and Fay Church 6645 8189 or Graham Schubert 6645 8073 or just turn up. See you at Croquet at the Bowlo!

-Graham Schubert




GDGC Saturday men's competition results

Date: 21/11/2020

Event: 18 Hole American Foursomes

Sponsor: Corrie & Dean Hayes

Starters: 94

Overall Winners Owen Hindmarsh & Peter Tracey 66.500 nett

First R/Up Robert Usher & Rob Bell 67.375 nett

Second R/Up Neil Hayward & Dean Hayes 68.625 nett


1st Pro Pin Tim Newsome 342cm

4th McKimms real Estate

6th Advantage Hospitality Supplies & Clarence Valley Window tinting Dwayne Doyle 219cm

10th Hanks Kitchen Jason Casserly 240cm

17th TMMM Construction & GJ Gardner Homes John Thompson 196cm

Ball to 73 nett


Thursday men's competition results

Date: 19/11/2020

Event: 18 Hole Stroke Tallowood Challenge

Sponsored by: Mark Harvison

Starters: 62

Winner: Adrian Pabian 66 nett

Runner-up: Eli Fahey 69 nett c/b

2nd R/up Bill Bishop 69 nett

NTP's sponsored by: Dougherty Property

1st Dennis Pye 365cm

6th Greg Harvison 34cm

10th Trevor Townsend 165cm

17th Tim Bartlett 290cm

Pro Balls: 74 nett


Tuesday men's results

Event: 18 Hole Stableford

Date: 17/11/2020

Starters: 98

Sponsor: GDGC

Winner: Matthew Dougherty 41 pts

First runner up Stephen Summerell 40 pts

Second runner up: Graeme Lynn 38 pts

Nearest the Pin sponsor:

2GF/104.7 6th Tim Bartlett 300cm

GDGC 9th Tim Bartlett 241cm

2GF/104.7 10th Bruce Baxter 191cm

GDGC 13th Andrew King 343cm

Ball Run Down 33pts


Tuesday veteran results

Date: 17/11/2020

Event: 18 Hole Stableford

Starters: 88

Sponsor: GDGC

Winner: Matthew Dougherty 41pts

Runner up: Stephen Summerell 40pts

Second runner up: Graeme Lynn 38pts


1st Clarence Valley Sheds Joe Manahan 14cm

4th Alan Wade 32cm

14th Graeme Lynn 300cm

17th Clarence Valley sheds John Tracey 385cm

Ball Run Down: 33 pts c/b



Lower Clarence

LOWER Clarence rowers having had a successful days racing at the Lismore regatta last month continued their winning ways at the GHS/SGHS regatta recently in hot conditions.

Lachlan Maxwell had a good win in the Men's Open single scull and also won the M.O double scull with Zayne Fischer. Lachlan and Zayne also came second in the Mhcp double scull.

Zayne teamed up with Royce McIntyre to win the MU17 double scull in great style. Zayne also finished third in the MU17 single scull at the end of the day.

Molly Dobbin rowed well to finish second in the Whcp single scull.

Our two younger boys, Cody Hamel and Rene san Andres had a great day and rowed very well to finish second in the MU16 double scull. Cody finished second in the MU16 single scull with Rene fifth. Cody also come fourth in the Men's Novice single scull.

Three Master rowers competed. Mandy Steel won the WMHcp single scull and then with Clare Millist won the WMHcp double scull. Clare and David Hailes finished fourth in the Mixed Master Hcp double scull.

WINNERS: Clare Millist and Mandy Steel were among the titles at the GHS/SGHS regatta last month.
WINNERS: Clare Millist and Mandy Steel were among the titles at the GHS/SGHS regatta last month.

Well done everyone and thank you David for towing the trailer.




ANOTHER fantastic roll up of GDSC Swimming Club members arrived for competition this week even though the hot weather had deserted us and been replaced with another very cool breeze.

In the 50m heats four ladies had terrible trouble with their goggles hence not one of them reached the final.

It was an all male line up for the final made up by David Moon, Thomas Lancaster, Terry Marsh, Bruce Phelps and Andrew Madden.

The lads, always competitive, put on a show of speed and determination.

At the finish it was Andrew who touched first just ahead of Marshy but a check on times had them breaking by 1.07 and .45 respectively. Thomas was the next one home and with a great time registered was awarded the win with David taking second place and Bruce third.

Two ladies, Nicole Lancaster and Natalie Durrington didn't have problems with their goggles and made it to the final of the 30m sprint along with Terry Barnes, John Wainwright and Terry Marsh.

Right from the beginning it was a race between the ladies and Nicole, having her first swim in a final, put in a terrific effort and crossed the line just a breath ahead of Natalie.

John was the next one home but when times were checked all three had busted so first place was awarded to Terry Barnes and second to Terry Marsh.

Natalie Durrington and Terry Barnes were back on the blocks for the final of the 30m B B & B and also lining up were Thomas Lancaster, Gary Dixon and Doug Ensbey.

Doug was first away and was determined not to let anyone get past him and lead the whole distance.

Not a good thing as it turned out because he busted by .77, leaving the win to be snapped up by Natalie, swimming a 26.07 off a nominated 27. Gary was second, just squeezing Thomas in to third place by .03.

-Toni Ensbey

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