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GRAFTON Indoor Archery results of Indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, October 27. and 29.

Tuesday: Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors.

Scores out of 200: (15 Mts) Vince Guilia 200 (30 X's)(Senior Sighted), Warren Hutchinson 200 (21 X's)(Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 189 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 184 (Senior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 172 (Cub Sighted), Jason Bullen 161 (Senior Sighted), Eliza-Rose Bullen 155 (Cub Sighted), Merv Kerrison 120 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Wayne Revell 114 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Connor Delaforce 113 (Junior Sighted), Heath Revell 105 (Cub Sighted), Ethan McDonough 103 (Junior Sighted), Toby Revell 93 (Junior Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 79 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs.

Scores out of 300: (15 Mts) Steve Parker 299 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 284 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 254 (Senior Sighted), Luke Skinner 253 (Senior Sighted), Jeff Thompson 205 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Alan Wilson 189 (3 X's)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 189 (2 X's)(Senior Sighted Recurve), Phil Adams 126 (Senior Traditional Recurve). Scores out of 200: Rayne Hartley 179 (Cub Sighted), Rachel Binskin 131 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Next Outdoor shoot: (Paper Grafton Hunter) Sunday, November 15 at Bawden's Bridge course, 10am start. Sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Indoor Archery at 21 Turf St Grafton, the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy St. Tuesday from 6pm, Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Thursday from 6pm, Seniors, Juniors, Cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.

-Jeff Thompson.




THIS scribe was away last Tuesday but I'm told play went on regardless. Karen still in form hitting two golden hoops and Lyn had one also. Bon performed the trick shot of the day by hitting two balls and still finding the hoop, well done.

Eric so impressed by croquet he bought his wife Chris and a friend Vicki along. Welcome to you both, hope you enjoyed the game, especially when Vicki got two hoop to hoops and Chris an in off shot. Well done for beginners.

Thursday play was cancelled due to expected rain which didn't come, but the courts were still very wet. To fill in during the wet Ken has streamlined his old mallet into a sports model. Next week he is hoping for some good shots. So lets hope Tuesday is fine and we will see you all then.

New players are always welcome. Our days of play are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7.30am. All equipment is supplied. The cost to play is $6 per session.

For more information contact Carole Radford 0427 783 330 or Karen Marsden 0437 157 198 or just turn up to play. We are located at the Lawrence Golf Course, Anne/March streets Lawrence.

-Kathy Trim



LAST Wednesday the storms stayed away and players enjoyed seven point games, the winning teams were Dot/June, Beryl/Steve, Toni/Clare, Leigh/Lexie, Clare/Steve, Rhonda/Toni, Dot/Beryl, Clare/Rhonda, Lexie/Laurie, Genny/Ray, Cheryl/Jim, Ruby/Ray. Laurie ran 2 hoops, congratulations.

Mal is home after getting his new knee and rumour has it that there is a laser beam fitted to it that can detect the distance to the hoop and it relays the information to his hearing aid, but like I said it is just a rumour. Our intrepid leader John has back problems that will have to be taken care of so he needs a bit of help with things. Grahams face is falling off after reacting to a medical cream.

New Yamba Croquet player Dot proudly wearing the Sheriffs badge after running her first hoop
New Yamba Croquet player Dot proudly wearing the Sheriffs badge after running her first hoop

Join us on Wednesdays arrive 8.30am for 9am hit off. New members and visitors welcome, flat soled shoes are a must. All equipment supplied and people to teach you the game of "Golf Croquet" or if you are already playing we would love to have game with you. Cost is $10. Contact John and Fay Church on 6645 8189 or Graham Schubert on 6645 8073 or just turn up. See you at croquet at the Bowlo!

-Graham Schubert




Unenthusiastic would be the only way to describe how GDSC Swimming Club members felt about swimming this week. Rain was coming steadily down and everyone just wanted to go home and get dry and warm.

However the show had to go on and surprisingly enough the water was quite pleasant once you were in.

Two prospective new members were welcomed along and hopefully Caralline Kelly and Natasha Watkinson will be keen enough to remain with us and boost the numbers for the ladies.

John (in the wars) Wainwright, Damien O'Mahony and David Moon were the finalists in the first event, the 50m freestyle. Gary Dixon, who again qualified for three finals and did not want to go through the torture, forfeited his place to Steve Donnelly.

In a closely contested race it was Wainwright who touched first and with a good time recorded took the win with Marno in second place and Steve third.

In the 30m sprint it was David Moon, Damien O'Mahony, Gary Dixon and Geoff Simkus milling around the blocks waiting for their handicap times. When times were allocated Geoff was first in the water with Gary, Marno and David taking chase in that order.

Forfeiting his place in the 50m proved to be a good move for Gary as he took out this race with an excellent 19.08 off a nominated 20. Geoff picked up second place and Damien a third.

The final race for the night was the Wykes Tyrepower Cup and hoping to take home this very popular trophy were Toni Ensbey, Gary Dixon and Sharon Welch. David Moon had also qualified but forfeited his place to Yvonne Shorrock.

The three ladies chose to do backstroke while Gary stuck with breaststroke and all four put in the big ones in an effort to win. Toni crossed the black line first with Gary two seconds behind but the judge had bad news for both of them. Toni had busted by 2.32 seconds and Gary by 0.19.

Sharon was awarded the cup and Yvonne, only .20 away took second place. Our handicapper and summer Captain Richard Sear was back on deck again this week although not swimming but wonderful to have him back in action.

-Toni Ensbey

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