RIO 2016: It's #TosoViti with Fiji's historic Rugby win


EVEN before the final whistle blew, the fireworks were going off in Suva.

History was created as Fiji dashed the hopes of the creators of the game played in heaven.

Twelve young men armed with a pair of boots, fire in their belly and the dreams of 900,000 Fijians on their backs wrote an ending that Eddie Edwards and the Jamaican Bobsled team only dreamed of.

For a tiny island in the Pacific, their qualification to the finals after a comprehensive disposal of dark horse Japan (20-5) in the semis, Fiji became the watershed for the rest of the 22 Pacific Islands who rallied behind them, willing them to win.


The collective whispers of silent prayers and unbridled love of every Fijian and their Pacific brothers and sisters were behind Fiji as the played their best rugby.

Sorry Great Britain (well, Scotland), you may have created the game but this is how you play - to win!

Hours after the final whistle blew, Fiji continues to celebrate.

Horns of vehicles, the shattering of fireworks into the mid-morning skies and the yelps of almost-voiceless Fijians filled the otherwise quiet streets of the nation as man, women and child took 20 minutes to embrace this moment in history.

Fiji as a result, broke the internet. Kim who?


Yes, even businesses closed to allow their workers to experience this defining moment. No one moved. Eyes, were glued to the TV.

Even the dogs knew to quiet their bark. The birds stopped flying.

No doubt, even at this point, every Fijian is happy to allow Ben Ryan and his golden boys a turn at being prime minister, president even.

MESSAGE FROM THE PRIME MINISTERMy fellow Fijians,Tropical Cyclone Winston has begun its assault on Fiji. It is being...

Posted by Fijian Government on Friday, February 19, 2016


There are no words to express what this means for a country battered by a Category 5 cyclone in February, which left many of the players as well as thousands and their families homeless.

This win was more than a token gold medal. It's about what the human spirit can achieve when even in the face of adversity, you can rise to improbable success. #TosoViti!


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