Petrol prices in Ballina on April 1, 2020.
Petrol prices in Ballina on April 1, 2020.

RIPPED OFF: ‘No reason why petrol should not be $1 a litre’

WHY are petrol prices still so high on the Northern Rivers?

World oil prices have dropped significantly, so the NRMA is calling on Australia's oil companies to immediately pass on the benefit to consumers.

But that is not happening in our region, and Page MP Kevin Hogan is well aware of the fact.

He has been recording petrol prices in Lismore, Casino and Grafton and sending data to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

"We record prices every second or third day, not every day, and we send them to the ACCC," he said.

"If the ACCC sees any proof of collusion, they can fine those implicated.

"Petrol prices need to drop to realistic levels and soon."

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said the public was losing patience waiting for the oil companies to do the right thing.

"It's not clear whether the oil companies thought the NRMA and the community would not notice what is going on at the bowser but what is clear is that the public is in no mood for this rubbish - petrol prices must fall immediately," Mr Khoury said.

Mr Khoury said yesterday (Wednesday) the average price of regular unleaded petrol in Grafton was 1.31¢, 1.37¢ in Ballina, 1.38¢ in Lismore, 1.27¢ in Byron Bay and 1.30¢ in Casino.

"Wholesale price on petrol in Sydney is 86¢, but in the city we are seeing petrol at 1.20¢, but prices in regional areas should not be drastically higher," he said.

"There is really no reason why petrol prices should not be around $1 a litre anywhere in the state."

Mr Khoury said oil companies were not doing anything illegal, as petrol prices were unregulated.

"But there has to be more pressure on them to stop doing something that seems immoral, at a time where everyone is trying to do the right thing for the community," he said.

The spokesman said across the country petrol prices had not fallen as much as they should, considering that demand for petrol had plummeted.

"In Adelaide, the average price for regular unleaded is 87¢, but that is one of the few success stories we have seen lately in Australia," Mr Khoury said.

"That Australians are doing it tough right now is an understatement of global proportions.

"The one place families should be able to look to for some budget relief is at the bowser because there is lots of fuel on the market and it should be very cheap.

"The NRMA could not be more blunt about this today - oil companies must drop their prices now."

Local petrol prices can be checked online at

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