Road goes potty after wild weather

DEEP pot-holes have emerged on roads across the Clarence, following last week's floods, but nothing like the whopper on Geregarow Road, near Coutts Crossing.

Around 50 metres of bitumen was washed off the road, to a depth of 30cm in places, making for a slow, bumpy ride for cars being driven between Coutts Crossing and Shannondale.

John Edwards, of South Grafton, said the section of road had never been damaged by inundation in the past.

He believed it had come about through a substandard road base introduced during construction in 2006/2007.

“It was built at a significant cost to ratepayers as part of the Shannon Creek dam project, which we are repeatedly told came in under budget,” Mr Edwards said.

“Unless there is some sort of warranty available, the repair will now cost the Australian taxpayer through natural disaster funding.”

Clarence Valley Council manager of operations, Tim Jenkins, disputed Mr Edwards belief that the road base was substandard.

Although the road was constructed by a contractor, Mr Jenkins said compaction tests would have been carried out and it had to meet a certain standard to be approved by council.

Mr Jenkins said the cost to repair the road and others across the Valley was being calculated. He confirmed council would seek costs under the flood damage declaration by the State Government.

Yesterday, five roads remained closed in the Clarence. Council crews were hard at work on roads.

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