LETTER: Police tactics on road safety, fines need to change

YOUR SAY: Policing needs to change on our roads if we want people not to be killed.

Police sitting on Stenner St, Middle Ridge in the mornings and afternoons hoping to catch a speeder, on a road that when doing 60kmh seems dead slow.

Mind you, I have never been caught in Toowoomba for speeding.

But as you drive to Gabbinbar School people are speeding in the 40kmh speed zone where children are at more risk of dying.

Drive further down to the traffic lights at the intersection with Ruthven St and see people using mobile phones.

To me it seems that it is such a laugh to say that the police even care about road safety because if they did they would be flat out all day, every day fining drivers for these offences.

Get serious, please.

TIM SMITH, Rangeville


Aged care royal commission welcomed

premium_icon Aged care royal commission welcomed

Aged care royal commission welcomed