Road to recovery for miracle mum

IT has been 10 months since Natalie Petty narrowly avoided death in a car accident so shocking it was a miracle anyone survived.

The Coutts Crossing mum amazed everyone when she lived through a crash that literally tore her car in two.

Luckily, her now 12-year-old daughter Kirraleigh was unharmed. The talented little ballerina was in the backseat at the time of the crash.

Natalie was not so lucky. She suffered two broken thigh bones - one of them a compound fracture - and had to endure lengthy operations to repair the damage.

Her legs are now held together with metal plates and Natalie is still undergoing extensive physiotherapy to help her regain her full facilities.

She said the doctors told her it would take at least two years to recover from the accident.

Despite dealing with constant pain, the brave mum is now back at home and has even returned to work part-time at the Grafton Wellbeing Centre.

She said her life had changed dramatically since the accident, but she was taking each day at a time.

“The first day of work when I was driving into town, I thought I was going to turn around and go back,” she said.

“If I wasn't so determined and strong-willed, I wouldn't have got through it like I did.”

Natalie said she was very thankful of all the people that helped her after the accident.

She said a trivia night fundraiser helped her keep afloat financially while recovering, and her friends and family also greatly assisted.

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