Robbo returns fire sparring match

HE WAS named Premier League player of the year and picked up the allrounder award last season.

There’s no doubting Brothers captain Brad Robertson’s ability and class as a cricketer, but according to Westlawn’s gloveman Jason Rainbow he may not be the right man to lead Brothers to a premiership.

When contacted by the Examiner during the week Robertson defended his role in the team after Rainbow’s explosive comments regarding the Brothers leadership.

Westlawn gloveman said Mick Summers – not the incumbent Robertson – should be guiding the Brethren.

But the man with the C next to his name was quick to point to his record when at the helm.

“It sounds like Jason is trying to stir a bit of trouble...stir the pot,” Robertson said.

“As far as the captaincy goes I’m doing the best I can. I have Troy McLaren and Mick Summers there to help...we have a few leaders in our team; we don’t rely on one person.

“I may not be the most experienced captain in the competition but in saying that I captained Brothers last season and this season and both times we reached the grand final.

“His (Rainbow’s) comments won’t worry us one bit. We are an all-round side and play for each other.”

In a move that could add spice to an already simmering feud between the two sides, the pair exchange pre-match barbs.

Earlier this season the clubs became embroiled in controversy after the Troy McLaren-Matt Lobsey ‘Handle-gate’ affair when the former was given out handled the ball in a Monday night contest.

In adding more fuel to the fire Rainbow suggested the Brothers captain was susceptible to a gloveman who kept up to the stumps.

Rainbow questioned Robertson’s ability to focus and pointed out last time the two met in a decider he brought the allrounder undone with a stumping and - as Rainbow calls it – some old-fashioned chit-chat.

“It was my first year in the Premier League and I was only 15,” Robertson reminded Rainbow.

“Since then I have matured as a player and batsman...if anything I love the challenge.

“At the end of the day it’s a game of cricket but our side will not lie down...we’ll give it back to them.”

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