India's Kuldeep Yadav (L) is congratulated by captain Virat Kohli (C).
India's Kuldeep Yadav (L) is congratulated by captain Virat Kohli (C).

10 things all nations can learn from India

Normally Australia is the team that hands out the lessons on home soil.

But in storming Fortress Australia, India have provided a blueprint that other nations can learn from.

Following an inspired team effort, there are tips aplenty, such as:

1 BE FIT AND FIERCE: They say fitness is alertness. India for the first time has slapped down non-negotiable fitness beep test levels for their team and the result has been their bowlers have gone the long journey. Their fielding has also been excellent.

2 WICKED WICKETS?: One great lesson to be learnt from Virat Kohli is the way he is utterly indifferent about the character of the wickets on which he plays. Turners, seamers, greentops or batting roads - he just gets on with the job and that "whatever'' vibe settles the dressing room nerves of his team.

3 BE FLEXIBLE: For all the fitness demands India have been shrewdly adaptable. They accept quirky fast bowling champion Jasprit Bumrah needs great flexibility to keep his action in the groove so he is not encouraged to muscle up in the gym.

4 TOUGH LOVE: The fact that India played the short ball as well as any subcontinental team to visit Australia was no coincidence. They have two specialist net throwdown experts, including the colourful jockeysized Raghu, whose entire professional life is to bowl with the metal throwdown device and pepper their batsmen with all sorts of deliveries, including vicious bouncers more intimidating than anything they copped in the middle.

5 BOLD CUTS: India's selection philosophy was mixed and far from flawless but they were bold when it mattered, sacking both misifiring opening batsmen after just two Tests and promoting the plucky Mayank Agarwal, who was the find of the series.

6 THE ANCHORMAN: Take Cheteshwar Pujara out of India's team and Australia may have won the series. His epic performance shows how much a solitary, stubborn batsman can shape the mood of the side and the opposition.

7 BAG OF TRICKS: India bowled cleverly and with more invention than Australia. The scheming Bumrah took wickets with bouncers, yorkers and slower balls. Their plans changed depending on the nuances of the decks. By contrast, Australia's quicks failed earn an LBW all series.

8 BACK-UP TROOPS: It's often not enough to have a formidable First XI in Australia - you need back-up men to jump in with late series knock-out blows when the frontliners are fading. Agarwal and spinner Kuldeep Yadav have done this in the final Tests.

9 HARD YAKKA HEROES: For all the glamour and Bollywood glitz that surrounds captain Kohli, most of the players who did the business came from humble backgrounds and their struggles to reach the top hardened them for a rough road and the supreme challenges of an Australian tour.

10 CHALLENGE YOURSELF: India have reaped the reward from a tough year when they played England and South Africa abroad. They lost both series but gained a tough shell that had them conditioned for anything in Australia.

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