Rogue magpies shot at dawn

TERRIFYING: Matilda Rounds, 6, bore the brunt of a savage magpie attack to her face.
TERRIFYING: Matilda Rounds, 6, bore the brunt of a savage magpie attack to her face.

A MAGPIE at Rushforth Rd that brutally attacked a six-year-old girl, as reported in Tuesday's DEX, has been shot.

Clarence Valley Council confirmed this week that the magpie "met his maker" at 7.30am on Wednesday.

It is the third magpie to be killed in Grafton recently due to causing a public threat.

Six-year-old Matilda Rounds is still recovering from the vicious magpie attack and after her mum, Samantha, reported the incident, the council applied to National Parks and Wild- life for either the removal or the death of the bird.

A magpie, which was terrorising players and spectators at the Grafton Hockey fields, also "met his maker" last Thursday at dawn according to the council's director of environment, planning and communities Des Schroder.

Another magpie was also shot at Alex Bell Park a couple of weeks ago and the council has its eye on one bird not far from the TAFE at Villiers St as well as this Rusforth Rd aggressor.

When a dangerous magpie is reported to the council, rangers investigate and if it's found to be "a real public threat", the council asks permission of National Parks and Wildlife to either remove or kill the bird.

Mr Schroder reckons the problem seemed to be worse this year with males protecting territory and said there had been an incident where a man was knocked off his motorbike after being swooped.

However, the ranger did tell him that putting down a magpie was not always the best outcome as the females would replace their mate and the next bird could be even worse.

Samantha said Matilda was "doing okay" but was still emotionally a little shaken from the incident.

"One centimetre away and it would have been in her eyeball," she said.

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