Springwood Grazing was selected as the Vendor of the Week at this week's prime cattle sale in Grafton. The vendor sold a line of nine
Springwood Grazing was selected as the Vendor of the Week at this week's prime cattle sale in Grafton. The vendor sold a line of nine "proper bullocks" on what can only be described as a 'red-hot market'. The pen of seven Brahman-cross bullocks pictured were the best of the sale, selling for 358.2c/kg at an average weight of 765.7kg to gross a most impressive $2,742.79/head. The offering was sold

RURAL: Latest reports from Grafton Saleyards

Ray Donovan Stock & Station Agent

THERE were 236 head yarded at Grafton fat cattle sale on November 3, 2020.

Similar numbers were yarded this week, all categories were well represented. Bullocks sold to a dearer trend while heavy cows remained the same. Once again restockers were far too strong for processors on the young cattle, with heifers selling exceptionally well with many sales over 500c/kg. The market was driven by outside orders and the inclusion of some local buyers.


  • A/c L Towns sold Devons Cross Steers 354.2c/kg averaged 590.8kg – $2,092.73 p/hd
  • A/c Springwood Grazing sold Brahman Cross Bullocks 358.2c/kg averaged 765.7kg – $2,742.79 p/hd
  • A/c B Cox sold Brangus Steers 389.2c/kg averaged 468.3kg – $1,822.75 p/hd
  • A/c Gordonbrook sold Angus Cross Steers 396.2c/kg averaged 473.3kg – $1,875.35 p/hd
  • A/c JJ & VJ Rose sold an Angus Steer 410.2c/kg weighed 405kg – $1,661.31
  • A/c MA, DM, CA & KA Johnston sold Brahman Cows 310c/kg averaged 617.5kg – $1,914.25 p/hd
  • A/c GA & HR Granleese sold Santa Cross Cows 303.2c/kg averaged 585kg – $1,773.72 p/hd
  • A/c R & R Lambert sold Droughtmaster Steers 313.2c/kg weighed 755kg – $2,364.66
  • A/c Terry Lewis sold Angus Cross Steers 446.2 c/kg averaged 292.5kg – $1,305.14 p/hd
  • A/c BJ Slarke Pty Ltd sold Angus Heifers 468.2c/kg averaged 280kg – $1,310.96 p/hd
  • A/c VM Jefferies sold an Angus Cross Vealer Steer 556.2c/kg weighed 235kg – $1,307.07
  • A/c GJ & ME Lee sold Angus Cross Vealer Heifers 526.2c/kg averaged 205kg – $1,078.71 p/hd
  • A/c WG & JA Weick sold a Simmental Vealer Heifer 530.2c/kg weighed 220kg – $1,166.44
  • A/c The Cotten Family Trust sold Angus Vealer Steers 588.2c/kg averaged 177.5kg – $1,044.06 p/hd
  • A/c Koukandowie Brangus sold Angus Vealer Steers 552.2c/kg averaged 200kg – $1,104.40 p/hd
  • A/c Wills Partnership sold Angus Cross & Charolais Cross Vealer Steers 614.2c/kg averaged 190kg – $1,166.98 p/hd

Farrell McCrohon Stock & Station Agents

A TOTAL of 236 head of cattle were yarded at Grafton this week. Again on the back of smaller

yarding’s across NSW and Queensland the market was dearer for all categories. Bullocks sold

dearer by 10c/kg to top at 360c/kg to average 340c/kg. Feeder steers sold to 412c/kg

to average 395c/kg. Heavy cows sold to 313c/kg to see most cows sell from 270c/kg

to 300c/kg. In the trade section, all calves were dear with weaner steers selling to

top at 616c/kg and heifer calves sold from 366c/kg to 490c/kg.


  • Jikero Partnership bullocks sold to 352c/kg weighed 608kg to return $2136/hd
  • M & A Barnier bullocks sold to 366c/kg weighed 505kg to return $1839/hd
  • Fred Sheridan feeder steers sold to 412c/kg weighed 375kg to return $1540/hd
  • Crowe Farms cows sold to 310c/kg weighed 630kg to return $1953/hd
  • T & S Wingfield cows sold to 307c/kg weighed 510kg to return $1562/hd
  • L & L Tutt cows sold to 312c/kg weighed 630kg to return $1966/hd
  • D T Conroy feeder steers sold to 410c/kg weighed 385kg to return $1572/hd
  • R C & I P Gray Angus steers sold to 540c/kg weighed 205kg to return $1103/hd
  • K J & C M Power Angus steers sold to 588c/kg weighed 173kg to return $1043/hd
  • H L Niland Hereford x steers sold to 546c/kg weighed 200kg to return $1088/hd
  • Fred Sheridan Red Angus heifers sold to 498c/kg weighed 215kg to return $1067/hd

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