Rural property sends Facebook wild

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: The inside of the first house at 21 Peckham Road in Ewingar.
ATTENTION TO DETAIL: The inside of the first house at 21 Peckham Road in Ewingar.

WITH over 300,000 views on Facebook within three days, this unique property on 21 Peckham road in Ewingar has spiked interest from all over Australia.

Formally known by the community as Kingsview Park Farm, is selling at the surprising price of $680,000.

Situated above the Clarence River that overlooks the heritage listed Yulgilbar Station to the east features approximately 95 acres of land and two homes up for grabs in one bundle.

Real Estate agent of the property Luke Bodley from Realo said it was unbelievable the amount of enquires and interest for the property within the first 48 hours of posting it online.

"I would've had 60 or 70 enquiries,” said Mr Bodley.

Bodley said it is because the property offers value over money.

"The property features over a million dollars worth of infrastructure.”

Including a machinery shed, solar powered operational 17 panel, 23 megalitre dam, 23 megalitre irrigation licence from the river, and freshwater tanks.

"The first house is a very unique double brick home, with a massive glass spinster fireplace, with breathtaking views from every window of the house.”

The second house is described as a 'big shed house' or a 'shouse'.

"It's 4 bedroom, huge open plan living space and you know it's got a modern kitchen and bathroom.”

Bodley also mentioned the added bonus of an olive orchard that features over 1000 trees.

"Although they aren't in the production in their olives. They had a fair few of varieties, they were processing olive oil in the marinated olives..preserved olives, but is now in need of a bit of TLC.”

He said the property is very unique in the fact it was designed by the owners.

"You haven't seen anything like really comes down to quality craftsmanship, all of the detailing in the house,” said Mr Bodley.

"Beautiful place in the winter, beautiful morning sun coming in from large glass windows from eastern side of home, or at night with the big fire going.”

Bodley said the owner is selling because she is wanting to move closer into town.

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