Ryan's one-of-a-kind on first school day

RYAN Kimpton enrolled yesterday at Cowper Public School, experiencing his first day of 'big school' and found himself one of a kind.

But rather than feelings of loneliness, Ryan found new friends and activities that kept him busy all day.

“My first friend was Matthew,” said a bouncing Ryan.

Although the only one in his year, Ryan's teacher Sue Chapple, said he took to the routine of the classroom very quickly.

“He fit in like a duck in water,” said his teacher and principal Ms Chapple, who was also impressed by the newcomer's outgoing personality.

The excitement of starting 'big school' set in last Wednesday when Ryan and his mum went to get his brand new school uniform in readiness for the school year.

He also showed off his brand new and shiny Lightning McQueen school bag and matching lunchbox.

After starting the morning with a big bowl of breakfast cereal and helping his mum feed his dog and cat, he dressed in his blue and black school uniform.

“Mum made me lay my uniform out on a chair in my room last night,” said the excited five-year-old.

After walking to school with mum, the bell rang and Ryan settled into a morning of reading books and playing with his schoolmates.

Getting to know the rest of the pupils at Cowper Public was fairly easy for Ryan, as there are only 16 other students at the school.

Ryan enjoyed his first morning in the classroom, but like most young boys, his favourite part of his first day at school was lunch.

He sat, munching on a jam sandwich with his new-found friends in the shade, just itching to put on his hat and get out onto the play equipment.

Ryan also knows what he wants to do when he grows up.

“I want to be a truck driver,” he said without hesitation.

As Ryan ran off to play with his classmates, it was clear that he had no issue with being the only kid in kindergarten for 2009 at Cowper Public School.

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