Saffin calls for anti smoking support

Page MP Janelle Saffin has called on the local community to get behind the Australian Government’s new tougher anti-smoking laws, following the release of the proposed legislation and design for plain packaging.

“This plain-packaging legislation is a world first, and sends a clear message that there is no glamour to smoking.

“Under the legislation, cigarette packs will only show the death and disease that can come from smoking.

“The chilling reality is that smoking kills 15,000 Australians a year, costs us $31.5 billion, and smoking related illnesses take up an estimated 750,000 bed days in hospital every year.

“So we can’t afford to stand back and do nothing..

“Plain packaging is critical to the Government’s fight to reduce the toll on families from smoking-related deaths.

“We all know someone who smokes or has smoked, and we know what a dangerous habit it is.

“Husbands and wives, mums and dads and children all worry about family members smoking.

“I don’t know of anyone who wants their child to be a smoker, so I’m calling on the community to get behind the Government’s anti-smoking measures.

“We can actually do something that will make a real difference and the Gillard Government will take every step it can to ensure this is successful.

“This isn’t about just getting smokers to quit, it’s about making sure people don’t pick up the habit in the first place,” Ms Saffin said.

“The question for Mr Abbott today is whether he will join with the Government and support this world leading action, or continue to be in the pocket of big tobacco and accept their donations.”

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