Editorial - Monday, September 9: Saffin cared about Page

I HAVE to admit the task of farewelling former Page MP Janelle Saffin is not one I relish.

Despite our differences on a few occasions filling these pages, Ms Saffin was an MP I held in the utmost esteem.

The defining memory I will hold of Ms Saffin was made in the aftermath of the 2013 floods.

Linda Miles' Copmanhurst home had been all but destroyed.

And while a number of political figures spoke among themselves and posed for cameras at a press conference, in Copmanhurst, Ms Saffin talked quietly in the corner with Ms Miles.

Later in the day I went to Ms Miles' home and I remember describing the scene as though the house had become a washing machine, her family's possessions strewn everywhere.

She was having trouble with her insurance company who said she could not enter her home and begin the clean-up.

I rang Ms Saffin to see what she thought, but she was at least five steps ahead of me.

In the car back to Lismore, Ms Saffin had rung the relevant ministers, the insurance council, anyone she could.

She informed me I should tell Ms Miles she could re-enter her house and try to get her life back on track.

The fact is Ms Saffin had no way of knowing these actions would make the paper, she did it simply because she cared.

I've been no fan of her party, but Ms Saffin truly cared about the people in her electorate.

Kevin Hogan is our new member and my experience of him is one of professionalism, honesty and industriousness.

I just hope he can bridge the gap between politics and people in the same way Ms Saffin did.

Lachlan Thompson

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