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Saved By The Bell cast reunite on Jimmy Fallon - all but one

JIMMY Fallon reunited the cast of Nineties teen TV show Saved By The Bell - with one notable exception.

Zach, Slater, Jessie, Kelly and even Principal Belding returned to Bayside High for the first time since 1993 to play with their "newest friend" Fallon.

But everyone's favourite geeky sidekick Screech was nowhere to be seen as the actor behind the character set to stand trial on assault charges. Dustin Diamond, 38, denies stabbing a man in a Wisconsin bar on Christmas Day 2014.  The man sustained received a non-life-threatening injury following a scuffle.

>> 'Screech' from Saved by the Bell charged after bar stabbing

But back in Bayside High things were a lot less serious as Screech's classmates - all of whom are pushing 40 - squeezed themselves back into stonewashed jeans, cheerleader outfits and high top trainers.

The cast, especially Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie, appeared remarkably unchanged 20 years after they first went to school, with Zach (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) sporting an authentically gelled quiff and Slater (Mario Lopez) even stripping down to a lycra leotard.

Best of all the reunion reminded us of the teenage language of the Nineties. From "What's up preppies?" to "time outs" and "Zack Attacks", we weren't completely sure what they were talking about. But we couldn't fail to recognise the lyrics of the unforgettable theme tune that Fallon managed to work into conversation.

Yesterday The Tonight Show host Fallon hit the headlines for reprising his remarkable impression of Neil Young - which he performed alongside the real Neil Young. Spot the difference?

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