Editorial - Wednesday, April 16: Savvy youth offer hope

IS AUSTRALIA'S booze culture really changing?

Figures used in our stories on page 6 today suggest it is, with consumption levels falling in a range of categories.

The amount of beer drunk each year has fallen dramatically since the 1970s - the days when the amount each person could take to consume while they watched a day of test cricket was 24 cans!

Now if you want a drink at the cricket it costs $7-8 for one drink served in a plastic cup.

No wonder consumption is on the way down!

Our taste for wine has increased as it has become more plentiful and cheaper - although I'm sure most of us would find it easier to remember whether we had received a $3000 bottle of Grange Hermitage than Premier Barry O'Farrell did at ICAC yesterday.

But according to the statistics, even consumption of reds and whites has plateaued.

Perhaps the biggest change is that more people now drink at home than in pubs and clubs. Cheaper wines and random breath testing are probably responsible for that trend.

What should be celebrated is the mature attitude of young people like Taylor Stone who, in increasing numbers, are choosing moderation when it comes to their approach to alcohol.

In many areas of their lives, today's young people are better educated than ever and their views on what and how much they drink reflect that.

  • YESTERDAY I wrote about the amazing generosity of the people in the Clarence. The Buy a Bale campaign is another example and it put smiles on drought-stricken farmers.

David Moase,

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