Scammers on prowl

COMPARED to the drama of the 77 million hacked Sony PlayStations and the furore surrounding the location data files found in the Apple iPhone, a couple of scams that have appeared on the local radar seem like small beer.

But operations manager of Computer Troubleshooters Bonnie Capell said they still had the capacity to inflict humiliation and financial pain to anyone unlucky enough to fall for them.

“I do get concerned about the more vulnerable members of our society, such as senior citizens and just the more gullible in general, getting sucked in by these scams – and we see them after they have been sucked in,” Ms Capell said.

“They are usually distressed, anxious and embarrassed. So if we can pass this information on, it will be of benefit to all.

“There have been a couple of scams that have raised their ugly heads over the weekend which I try to alert as many people to as possible.

“An overseas call centre called me on the weekend and offered to ‘help me recover overcharges from my mortgage’. I would not really want to give my bank details to an overseas call centre at any time.

“I (also) received an email purporting to be from BigPond, that said my broadband account was about to be suspended and I needed to confirm my billing details.

“I rang BigPond and they said that all my accounts were in order and it may be a scam. I clicked on the link and a very official Telstra login page popped up.

“I put in a made-up username and password and another official looking Telstra page came up and wanted credit card details, drivers licence number and DOB etc. It would be easy to get conned as they were pretty damn good fakes.”

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