Schapelle Corby at the holding cells at the Denpasar District Court.
Schapelle Corby at the holding cells at the Denpasar District Court. MICK TSIKAS

Schapelle knew drugs were in boogie bag, says cellmate

SCHAPELLE Corby's former cellmate Renae Lawrence has made the startling claim the recently paroled Aussie knew that drugs were in her boogie bag when she was arrested.

She also said Corby had trafficked drugs into Bali three times before her arrest, and "acted crazy" to get her sentence cut.

Lawrence, one of the Bali Nine drug couriers, was secretly videoed making the allegations that were broadcast on Network Ten yesterday.

The claims have been denied in a media statement by Corby's family.

Lawrence said Corby was good at keeping her secrets, but "let one slip one night".

"She said that she knew the marijuana was in the boogie bag, but the person who was supposed to be there at the airport at that time didn't show up for work, or couldn't be there for some strange reason, I'm not sure," she said.

"She told me and another prisoner that she'd done it more than this time. She'd got away with it before. She said she'd brought the drugs three times. The first time she didn't know anything until she got to the airport, but the other times she knew."

"She said she'd used [drugs] since she was a teenager."

Lawrence also claimed Corby had acted crazy while in prison to try to gain an earlier parole.

She actually said it herself, she played crazy so she would get more sympathy and hopefully time off from [inaudible] the President of Indonesia," said on the video.

"She put on more of an act when someone important came in like the doctor or the jail boss. She wasn't crazy, she just acted like it."

The Corby family released a statement denying Lawrence's allegations and slamming the broadcasting of the video.

"Schapelle denies ever making any such confession to Renae Lawrence or to anyone else," the satement read.

"The further claims by Renae Lawrence that Schapelle had done so on many occasions are preposterous, maliciously false and a creation of her own fantasy.The actions of the Ten Network in procuring and presumably paying for this interview, are extremely hurtful and are causing Schapelle and our family great anxiety and distress.

"The credibility of Renae Lawrence should be seriously questioned and unsubstantiated allegations should not be made simply for the sake of ratings and money."

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