REMATCH: Ashley King (left) for Tucabia Opals and Heidi Dalton (right) for City Waratahs in Grafton A Grade two weeks ago. The two sides meet again in the major semi-final on Saturday.
REMATCH: Ashley King (left) for Tucabia Opals and Heidi Dalton (right) for City Waratahs in Grafton A Grade two weeks ago. The two sides meet again in the major semi-final on Saturday. Debrah Novak

Netball guide: Season enters business end

OUR Saturday competition heads into semi-finals this week and we wish all participating teams the best of luck.

We'd like to thank the rest of the teams who have finished for the season for their continued participation and support and we look forward to everyone being rested and ready for 2016.

All players must have played a minimum of five games with their team to be eligible. If you are unsure, please see us at control before your game. Score sheets for past games must have been signed by the player to count towards the game count.

A Grade: City Waratahs and Tucabia Opals will be a sight to see as they battle it out to go straight to the grand final. This game has been moved to the earlier time of 11am. The other game sees GHS Pink Ladies against Redmen Steakhouse at 1.30pm. Both games will be of equal quality, so come down and watch some hard-fought netball.

B1 Grade: It will be the battle between the young guns and the experienced. With GHS Jaguars only one point ahead of Redmen Aussie Hotel on the ladder, this will be a tightly fought game. SSB Topshelf are playing GHS Gerry Hatricks in the minor semi, with both teams determined to win through to the next week's finals.

B2 Grade: GHS Sharks at full strength are expected to keep Northside Thunder on their toes as they go head-to-head in a rematch of last year's grand final. The minor-semi will be anyone's game, but GHS Honeybadgers may have a slight advantage over Redmen GDSC as they've tallied more wins on the ladder.

C1 Grade: Northside Storm and City Clarence Coast Blinds ended the weekly rounds with only one point difference. City Dolphins and Northside Dominators round out the minor semis with both teams eager to display all they have to offer.

C2 Grade: C Grade has been split to allow more teams a chance at the glory of becoming winners. GHS Mixtures take on Rhino Jindas, which should prove to be an exciting contest. Two Grafton High school teams, Tangoes and Jets, will play hard to keep their respective seasons alive.

D1 Grade: City Jetstars will go into this week's game as favourites but SSB Energizers will be hoping to put together a solid four quarters. City Spirit will be playing Rhino Warriors in the minor semi-final with both teams hoping to prove they are worthy of a place in the finals.

D2 Grade: Northside Vipers will verse SSB Snackess; two fairly new teams to the competition who will try to obtain the right to represent their clubs in the big game. Hot on their heels are Northside Angels and Northside Ghouls.

11/12yrs: Tucabia Diamonds and Rhino Rascals will play off in the major semi. Both have a core of rep players which will make for a very close game. Northside Koolkids and Northside Sassys are set to compete in the minor semi. We're looking forward to seeing which two teams will be victorious.

10/11yrs: It will be up to each of the four teams in this division to prove their worth and make it through to the end game. Good luck Northside Sparkles, Rhino Sprites, City Glitter and Northside Stars.

A reminder to all umpires that they are required to wear appropriate white clothing for semi-finals games. Additionally, we would like all spectators and players to remember to respect the umpires as we reach the end of our season. Patience and sportsmanship are always appreciated and encouraged by our association.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Amy Colling and the NetSetGo! helpers as our activities for our youngest netballers have come to a close. We hope the girls enjoy their time off now, and are refreshed and ready to move up into competition teams or come back for another season to develop their skills even further. The 8/9yrs are also finished for the season. Have a great off-season girls, we hope to see you again next year!

On the back of the huge success of last year's night competition, expressions of interest for teams wishing to play this year are being taken at control. This is a casual, fun competition open to players of all ages, skill levels and experience, and we look forward to hosting this comp during the off-season.

Nominations for Club Person of the Year and Coach of the Year are now being taken at the control building. The closing date for these is September 5. Also, all executive and representative manager positions are open for nomination until September 14. Feel free to visit the control building to gain more information and become more involved in netball .

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