Vanessa, Maverick, 20 months, and Sebastian Fear at play in Cameron Park, Maclean.
Vanessa, Maverick, 20 months, and Sebastian Fear at play in Cameron Park, Maclean. Debrah Novak

Sebastian gets a new start in life

GAZING lovingly at his wife Vanessa and toddler Maverick yesterday, the happiness of Sebastian Fear's family had clearly transcended the shock experienced when he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

With the love and support of his family, the 22-year-old Maclean man said he put the health scare behind him and got married in November.

This was just a few weeks after going under the knife at Lismore Base Hospital to remove a rapidly growing tumour.

Lying on the lounge at home one evening last October, Mr Fear said when he felt the tumour on his testes, it was the last thing he and his wife expected.

“I found an abnormality and didn't mess around. I went and got it checked out,” Mr Fear said.

“It was totally out of the blue. He was 22 years old and it's not something you would expect to find when your life is just beginning,” Mrs Fear said.

After their honeymoon, Mr Fear immediately started a six-week intensive chemotherapy program.

It was a situation that would test the mettle of any relationship, but the steely reserve of the couple to enjoy their life together galvanised their relationship.

“Sebastian was the biggest help. He was so calm and relaxed through everything,” Mrs Fear said.

Shortly after his surgery and prior to their wedding, the family found out Vanessa was pregnant with their second child, which is due in August.

“Vanessa falling pregnant was incredible ... it was a miracle really,” Mr Fear said.

Today Sebastian, Vanessa, his father Jim and mother Suzanne, and their extended family and friends will participate in the annual Relay for Life at Yamba.

Mr Fear said he was motivated to participate in the relay to fight back against cancer, which his grandfather has also just beaten.

Donations to Mr Fear's Relay for Life fundraising campaign can be made at the Maclean Newsagency or

Maclean Newsagency will match all public donations dollar for dollar.

If you would like to support Mr Fear's Relay for Life campaign, look out for him at the Yamba Public school venue under the kindly donated O'Halloran Motors marquee.

Men aged 15 to 50 are most likely to develop testicular cancer, with about 240 diagnosed with the cancer in NSW every year.

Like all cancers, early detection and prompt treatment increases the chances of survival.

Warning signs to look out for include a hard lump on the front or side of the testicle, swelling or enlargement of the testicle, and pain or discomfort in the testicle or scrotum.

Mr Fear said he encouraged all men, when they reached puberty, to regularly check their testes for any warning signs.

“If it wasn't for the efficiency of the staff at the Union Street medical centre and the amazing work of the Lismore Cancer Care, I wouldn't have received the all-clear in February,” he said.

After being so positive through the whole ordeal, Mr Fear said the threat of cancer re-emerging doesn't cross his mind.

“Not with a two-year-old and a baby on the way ... it should be the last of my worries,” he said.

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