Second Grafton Bridge claims

THE RTA has been accused of misleading the people of the Clarence Valley with claims a proposed second Grafton Bridge would be built for predominantly local traffic.

Chairman of the working group of concerned citizens, Kim Dahl, said RTA regional manager David Bell had attended a meeting of the Summerland Way Promotion Committee on February 12 where using a new bridge as a link to the Summerland Way had been discussed.

He said Mr Bell would also have been aware that a group (TRAIN) promoting the use of the Summerland Way for heavy vehicle transport to Brisbane was seeking $25 million from Infrastructure Australia for initial studies and the planning necessary to get the major projects proposed by the committee to the construction-ready stage and that the only proposal with funding for concept development was the Grafton Bridge.

Mr Dahl has asked if this was the reason for the rush the RTA gave the community on the second bridge options.

"Mr Bell is saying the funding was approved for a link to the Summerland Way," he said. "How, in the same office, can you have one team saying it is purely for local traffic and their boss saying it is linked to the Summerland Way project?

"If that is the case, why doesn't he tell us what is really going on?"

Mr Dahl said he was not aware of the full impact of the TRAIN project, but the Riverina area alone produced 100,000 tonnes of grain.

"It doesn't mean it would all come via the Summerland Way, but that equates to about 4000 truck movements from one producer," he said.

"You would have others on top of that."

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