Serial thief spits at magistrate when bail denied

VULGAR antics in the Hervey Bay courthouse dock reached new lows recently when a serial thief spat at the magistrate after being refused bail.

Despite being arrested for committing further offences while on bail for several charges, Anthony James McGlede struggled to come to terms with Magistrate Graham Hillan's decision to deny bail and send him to Maryborough jail.

In a colourful display during Thursday's busy criminal call over, the 36 year old waved at friends and used fist pumps to express his pleasure whenever his defence lawyer Justin Geldard spoke on his behalf.

Among his reasons for keeping his client in the community was the argument that McGlede was awaiting testing for cancer and overcrowding at the prison would perhaps hinder his ability to seek medical attention.

But police objected to bail on the grounds McGlede had continued to reoffend and had breached previous bail orders.

Magistrate Hillan agreed, noting McGlede had an "unenviable" criminal history and as it was "clear that he just does not comply with bail" he had not shown cause as to why he should be released.

McGlede became aggressive, yelling "let's go" to the watchhouse sergeant.

He then turned to Mr Hillan and spat in his direction, leaving a trail of saliva to drip down the dock for the remainder of the day's proceedings.

McGlede will remain in custody until his next court appearance this Thursday.

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