Sex offender tries to flee... with GPS ankle bracelet on

A CONVICTED sex offender is back behind bars after breaking his curfew conditions in an unsuccessful attempt to flee the state.

Stanley James Saunders, 45, was detained in Warwick earlier this week after a warrant was issued for his arrest when he did not return to his Brisbane-based accommodation.

Crown prosecutor Kay Phillipson told the Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday that Saunders was required to be back at his accommodation before 6pm each day.

Ms Phillipson said Saunders had not returned to his accommodation before the designated time as required under his strict release conditions.

She said Saunders' GPS ankle bracelet showed he was travelling along the Cunningham Hwy towards Warwick where he was arrested a short time later.

Ms Phillipson asked that Saunders remain behind bars before a hearing on April 7 when it was likely he would be totally relieved of all his conditions after completing a five-year supervision program.

Saunders was jailed for 12 years after being found guilty in 1997 for his part in the brutal group rape of a woman at Rockhampton.

Saunders and two other men took the woman to an isolated area, beat her and repeatedly raped her for several hours before continuing their assault again the following morning.

He was released from prison on a strict supervision order in 2009 despite being classified as a dangerous sex offender.


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