DON'T MISS OUT: Opening night of The Popular Mechanicals was a scream.
DON'T MISS OUT: Opening night of The Popular Mechanicals was a scream. Lesley Apps

Shakespeare meets Housos in stage show

GETTING in touch with your inner Shakespeare might not sound like your idea of a big night out but don't be fooled, this popular take on the great man's works is riotous evening of debauchery and comical decadence.

In fact the Pelican Playhouse performance of The Popular Mechanicals last Friday night was so good it was able to turn a tired, middle-aged woman into a 13-year-old schoolboy, one that laughed loud and hard at one of the most impressive and extensive fart jokes ever seen on the Clarence stage (or anywhere one can imagine).

And so from that spoiler you should derive this ain't no stuffy, high-brow event.

Instead what you will get is a showcase of bawdy, bogan hilarity perfectly timed and delivered by the top shelf of our acting fraternity.

Leading the charge is the show-stopping Desan Padayachee who would not be out of place in the cast of any of those British Carry On... films. His ability to nail "over the top" in the tradition of Kenneth Williams or Frank Thring, and have it seem completely natural, makes for stage gold.

Mark Conaghan's theatre experience comes into the fore as one of the actors and stage director; steering the rudder can't be easy yet he make it seem so. His climax scene up a ladder will forever be burned in memory.

Other highlights include Misty Fisher's lion, Karla Hubbard's "crack" in the wall, Bronwyn Gell's songs and telephone calls and Sam Powell's dying moments.

There's a lot going on and a lot to take in but the mirth and merriment, music and song, stand-up comedy, and general silliness is expertly crafted by these players, who all bring their piece of the Popular Mechanicals pie together for one well-rounded meal of mock Tudor entertainment.

One of the best cutaways of the evening, besides the mother of all fart jokes, is the impromptu chicken dance that encapsulates the madcap journey we are all on. The ode to Star Wars is the best piece of choreography I've seen since synchronised swimming was included in the Olympics.

Get along and see this superior handling of satirical goodness this weekend. And tell your friends.

You will all be laughing like giddy school boys, guaranteed.

This weekend's show times are Friday and Saturday, 7.30pm and on Sunday at 2pm. Tickets $20/15 from South Grafton News & Gifts 6642 3027 or at the door if not sold out.

The Pelican Playhouse is located at 81 Through St, South Grafton.

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