Shannon, left, and Simon Vos pictured working on their master bedroom.
Shannon, left, and Simon Vos pictured working on their master bedroom. Martin Philbey

Shannon and Simon stir the pot again on The Block tonight

HOT on the heels of their so-called cheating scandal on The Block, brothers Shannon and Simon Vos will deliver more "cheekiness" on the show tonight.

Painter and interior designer Shannon told APN to expect more controversy in tonight's jury voting, during which the five teams score each others' rooms for a secondary $5000 prize.

"There's a bit more cheekiness tonight," Shannon said.

"I'm sure we'll cop a bit of backlash."

Promos hint at a "low blow" the brothers are set to deliver to the other teams.

In last night's room reveal Simon's latest prank unraveled when the judges discovered he had planted a phone underneath the bed in their master bedroom to record their lengthy critiques, which get distilled down to just minutes on the show.

"They blew it out of proportion a bit, but at the end of the day they've got to sell a TV show and I think it worked," Shannon said.

"The ratings last night were through the roof. I'm just waiting for my check (laughs)."

Shannon, 34, revealed Simon didn't tell him about the prank until just five minutes before they faced a disappointed Scott Cam.

"He shocked me quite a bit," he said.

"I had a bit of a chuckle and I said 'Oh you idiot'. It was funny. The judges left a video on Simon's phone… it was quite worth it."

Shannon maintains his brothers' hijinks were just that and that none of the teams voiced any concerns to them about the stunt.

"No one had a bad word towards us. It was all very light-hearted," he said.

"Simon told everyone and they just had a huge laugh. You can't cheat on The Block unless you're stealing something from the other competitors."

He also promises the phone-under-the-bed trick won't be the last of Simon's pranks.

"There's so much work you just forget about it sometimes but towards the end of the show Simon just realises that he's not having as much fun as he should so he decides to go hard the last couple of weeks (with the pranks) and drags me along there with him," Shannon said.

The Block Glasshouse airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.

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