Shark attack survivor given 'eerie' warning by girlfriend

Shark attack survivor Sean Pollard has spoken of his ordeal with two great white sharks. Photo: 60 Minutes
Shark attack survivor Sean Pollard has spoken of his ordeal with two great white sharks. Photo: 60 Minutes Contributed

THE  girlfriend of a surfer who lost both his arms in a double shark attack last year has revealed her eerie warnings to her partner.

Sean Pollard was surfing at a remote beach near Esperance in Western Australia in October last year when he was attacked by two great whites.

Speaking to 60 Minutes, Mr Pollard's girlfriend, Claire Oakford, revealed how she would warn him each time he would take to the waves to be on the lookout for sharks.

"Each time we'd go down to go surfing that's one of the things that I'd always mention," she said.

"I'd just tell her don't be silly," Mr Pollard said. "I'd seen a couple of small ones, nothing big.

"My way of dealing with it was I believed that they are not real ... and I don't have to worry about it."

On the morning Mr Pollard was attacked, he had been teaching Ms Oakford to surf. They were on a near deserted beach in Esperence, Western Australia. Locals know the particular spot as Kelpie's Beach in Wylie Bay.

After the pair had spent some time in the water together Ms Oakford retired to the sand to sunbake while Sean headed further out to catch some bigger waves.

The surfer's girlfriend said she didn't realise something was wrong with Sean until he was struggling back to shore.

"I'd looked up and could see his board really far out ... but I couldn't see him, that was a bit strange. Then I did see him coming in on a wave like body surfing and he was sort of looking over at me.

Ms Oakford said she was "rooted to the ground" when she saw him trying to make it back.

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