Shark meshing nets.
Shark meshing nets. DPI

Shark net trial will 'use kids as bait': Marine ecologist

THE aim of propaganda has always been control through fear and oversimplification of issues.

It's no surprise then that we're now down to 'it's either kids or sharks'.


Because the same people didn't seem to have your kids' best interests at heart when they were protesting about the installation of the eco-barrier, which actually would have provided complete protection for your children had they been able to install it.

Thankfully, most parents have been sensible enough to keep their kids out of the water or stick to patrolled areas so no children have been involved in shark incidents.

But that's all about to change if nets are installed, because our resident, self-proclaimed 'experts' promoting nets will have managed to convince you that your kids will be safer - at your kid's peril.

Particularly when we're talking about hanging a hanky in the ocean as 'protection'.

Indeed, lulling people into a false sense of security over this issue is positively irresponsible, as is conducting a 'trial' that will essentially be using your kids as bait to see if nets 'work'.

And why would we need a trial if nets apparently work so well?

When (not if) the first child is bitten following deployment of nets, it will be on the heads of the local 'experts', the media, the politicians and career bureaucrats who have promoted this propaganda and stymied funding of real, evidenced-based solutions, and the councillors who foolishly voted for it.

I hope you'll all be happy then.

Jann Gilbert,

Marine ecologist,


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