Sharnee Rawson before her MasterChef elimination.
Sharnee Rawson before her MasterChef elimination. Contributed

Sharnee's got a taste for cooking

THEY say too many cooks spoil the broth, but for Sunshine Coast MasterChef contestant Sharnee Rawson, it was not broth, it was a simple beef stroganoff.

After failing to impress the judges in the test to recreate an Aussie classic – the Chiko roll – Sharnee found herself up against two other contestants to stay in the competition.

To make matters worse, she faced off against the two people she was closest to in the show – in age as well as friendship, Callum and Matthew.

Asked to cook the beef stroganoff from taste with no recipe and no list of ingredients, Sharnee found her dish did not meet the judges’ exacting standards.

She was told it was time to leave the MasterChef kitchen.

“I made two crucial mistakes,” she said yesterday.

“I didn’t identify the paprika, and I used chuck steak instead of the beef fillet.

“In my mind, the strog was a casserole stew-like dish so you wouldn’t use the expensive cut.

“And if my mind was working normally, I would have known I would have to cook it longer, otherwise it would be tough. And it was.”

However, Sharnee said she had gone as far as she wanted in the competition.

“When the judges said I was going to be eliminated, I wasn’t too devastated,” she said.

“I had really achieved everything I wanted to achieve, everything I went there for, I had got.”

Despite being ousted from MasterChef, the 21-year-old former law student said the experience on the show had changed her life.

Sharnee has put the books down for the time being to work with her mother in their catering business Chow Baby.

She has started working on her writing skills so she can contribute to publications and is working with a personal training company to write a blog and help devise a database of nutritious recipes.

“The show has really changed my life,” she said.

And despite being eliminated over fellow contestant Callum, she believes he is the contestant to watch out for in this series, saying he could go on to win the show.

“I think he is a real underdog and he is underrated in the competition,” she said. “He is the smiling assassin.”

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