Cyclist shattered in horror smash seeks mystery saviour

CALOUNDRA chef Graeme "Rozy" Mair is searching for a woman who saved his life by stopping after a cycling accident that sent him smashing through trees, breaking his leg in four places.

A father of two boys, Mr Mair was stranded alone at the bottom of a ditch off Caloundra Rd on August 1, his leg badly broken, his wrist broken and his punctured thigh bleeding heavily.

A chef at Tides Waterfront Dining, he was cycling home from work when he hit debris on the road and was catapulted over a barrier, smashing through trees before landing in a deep ditch.

"I felt the leg break and then I must have passed out straight after that," he said.

"It was shock. I didn't really feel any pain, just shock."

He woke up on cold grass, alone, and clueless as to how he was going to get help, he said.

He passed in an out of consciousness, and when he next looked up at the road he saw a figure.

"Someone was standing there with a torch," he said.

"I heard a lady's voice talking to me, trying to reassure me.

"She said she'd called the ambulance.

"I was quite far away down the hill on the grass - I couldn't think of any way I could crawl up with my leg, and I was bleeding a bit from the leg puncture from my fractured wrist and my leg."

COME FORWARD: Chef Graeme 'Rozy' Mair and his sons Finley, 6, and Connor, 3, and wife Lyndsey are looking for the woman who stopped to help after a horror smash.
COME FORWARD: Chef Graeme 'Rozy' Mair and his sons Finley, 6, and Connor, 3, and wife Lyndsey are looking for the woman who stopped to help after a horror smash. Patrick Woods

She saved his life, he said, but he did not know who she was.

She reassured him constantly, he said, telling him his leg was in a bad way, but help was on its way.

"I'd just like to know who this lady is," Mr Mair said.

"I just want to ask her about it and thank her, because she saved my life.

"I was in a dark place down in the ditch - I don't know that anyone would have seen me."

She must have seen his bike lights, he said, because his bike was still "wedged" in the road barrier.

It was at least two hours after his crash that emergency crews cleared trees and made a path for his rescue, and by the time he was retrieved he was "doped up".

He cannot remember whether the woman was still there when he was taken away in the ambulance, where his wife was waiting.

"I'm just, I'm in debt to her," he said, urging her to contact him on Facebook by searching Rozy Mair.

"My wife and my two sons are eternally thankful.

"If I'd been down there too long I don't know what would have happened.

"I'd lost quite a lot of blood. I'm just glad someone had the decency to stop."

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