Showcase for young performers

YESTERDAY it was time for the little ones to shine.

The best and brightest under six and under eight dancers had their chance in the spotlight.

The little girls had their best eisteddfod smiles on and had been practicing their routines for months with the hope of clutching a first-place trophy to their chests.

Unfortunately, nerves got the better of some with more than one little dancer running off through the stage curtains mid routine as they had forgotten the next step were unable to get back into the rhythm of their dance number.

Lots of fluoro costumes, glitter and hip shaking took over the stage in the jazz sections in spectacular fashion.

This was transformed to elegance and grace being in the novice ballet solos and the character/demi character solos.

Adjudicator Sue Harvey, however, could not be more encouraging toward these developing talents.

She gave dancers a second, and sometimes even third, chance to complete their routines and gave out many highly commended ribbons to encourage dancers to keep trying to achieve their goals.

However, the reaction of these five, six, seven and eight-year-olds when they were awarded first place was absolutely priceless.

One young jazz dancer, dressed in a metallic hot pink and turquoise blue costume, jumped into the arms of her waiting mother when her name was called and burst into tears.

She was announced as the winner of Section 523, Novice Jazz Solo, and eight years and under.

She was competing against 10 other young hopefuls.

Countless parents were also present at the eisteddfod to wipe away tears, apply makeup, carry costumes and organise props, hoping that their children would have fun and achieve whatever they wanted.

To see some of the best talent in our part of NSW go along to the City of Grafton Eisteddfod this week and show some support for these young and hard working dancers.

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