KRISTI Lawrence was everywhere at the Maclean Show on Wednesday night.

Fresh from being announced as the 2016 Maclean Showgirl, she ran from the ring to get changed into some jeans to wheel a barrow as part of the Young Farmers Challenge.

Then dressed in a flowing skirt, she rode high in the saddle as part of the Man From Snowy River show, followed by a photo shoot from above the showground in front of the fireworks.

She even had a prize-winning chocolate cake in the pavilion.  

  "It's a big part of my life," Miss Lawrence said.

"Pretty well every year from when we were younger we entered flowers, and I've entered the cooking sections, from decorating the biscuits now I decorate a cake every year.

"And I ride horses pretty well every year, and I'm not riding I'm helping out."

A 20-year-old education student, Miss Lawrence won the showgirl title from Chantelle Turner and Lauren Ross and said winning was a dream come true.

"I've always wanted to go into showgirl, and I love representing it," she said.

"The show gives people an opportunity to show what they're good at, and even the people just putting one thing in makes the show."

Miss Lawrence will represent the show at the Zone finals next year, with the possibility of representing the area at the Sydney Royal an exciting prospect.

"I've never been to the Sydney show, so to do it as a showgirl would be pretty good," she said.

And while Miss Lawrence is at her most comfortable around horses, for the 2016 Junior Showgirl Nicole Cowling, sashing horses at the show this year was a new experience.

"I've definitely seen another side to the show," she said.

"I've always danced here with the Scottish town dancers, and always entered arts and crafts as well."

This year was the first year for junior showgirls at Maclean, and Miss Cowling said winning the title made her very happy.

"I'd always look at the showgirls and think it was something I'd like to do when I was older, so when the opportunity came to do is a junior I jumped at it, and to win makes me very happy," she said.

"I'm really grateful I got to do it with the group of girls I did, because they're all just great girls."

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