Editorial - Wednesday, November 20: Sick of dangerous drivers

ANOTHER day, another car accident in the Valley.

Which makes it even more infuriating to read about a young driver who was caught doing nearly 170km an hour.

Then there's the drink-driver who blew .231 after getting behind the wheel.

While none of the events are connected and we are yet to find out the cause of yesterday's crash, it's just the usual story after a reporter visits the courthouse - speeding and alcohol-related charges.

Speed and alcohol are two of the biggest killers on our roads. That's a fact. So why do people still behave this way on our roads?

Those two drivers, like many others, have already made the choices that landed them in court. They can't change that. But hopefully they have learnt something.

Hopefully the future deterrent isn't just the possibility of losing their licences and copping a fine.

I hope the deterrent is thinking a bit more about possible consequences of their actions.

The possibility of hurting themselves, and even worse - someone else.

As The Daily Examiner goes to print we are waiting to hear about the condition of the people involved in yesterday afternoon's crash.

Yet to hear of the cause - which could be any of several factors - we will have more throughout the day on our website.

Shannon Newley

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