Cate Blanchett performs in the play Big and Small at Sydney Theatre. Learning the art of drama has many benefits besides becoming rich and famous.
Cate Blanchett performs in the play Big and Small at Sydney Theatre. Learning the art of drama has many benefits besides becoming rich and famous. LISA TOMASETTI / THEATRE DE LA V

Six major benefits of being dramatic

HAVE you contemplated taking a drama class before? Well there's no time like the present to give it a whirl.

The Clarence Valley Conservatorium offers a range of classes that explore the theme of drama which provides a range of benefits to students alongside learning the art of performance.

Apart from learning skills while having heaps of fun, drama promotes and develops the following attributes:

Confidence building

Students who take the risk of performing for an audience learn to trust their own ideas and abilities which develops a confidence that can be applied to school, career and life.

Memory ability

Improved memory helps you to remember things more easily, which in turn will help a student's ability across the entire school curriculum. The mind is like a muscle that needs exercise to increase its capacity. Rehearsing and performing words, movements and cues helps to strengthen memory.

Creative thinking

Increased ability to think creatively and imaginatively. Making creative choices, thinking of new ideas, and interpreting familiar material in new ways are essential to drama.

Communication skills

Communication, voice skills and projection. Drama enhances communication skills via verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas. It improves voice projection, articulation of words, fluency with language and persuasive speech.

Physical benefits

Improved posture and movement. Movement in drama improves flexibility, coordination, balance and control.

Listening and thinking

Concentration and observation skills. Listening and observation skills develop when students participate in playing drama games, being an audience, rehearsing as well as performing. Playing, practising and performing develop a sustained focus of mind, body and voice which also helps in other school subjects and life.

As you can see drama class is not just for the outgoing. Even the shyest students are able to benefit from drama when they take on a new role and imagine themselves to be someone else.

Each week at the Clarence Valley Conservatorium, students enjoy drama activities and theatre games while working together in groups and sharing their creative expressions. The skills gained in these classes are beneficial throughout a whole lifetime.

Between them, CVCon tutors, Roz Muir-Smith and Bronwyn Berman have many years of experience preparing and working with young drama students. Our tutors offer a number of group drama classes at Clarence Valley Conservatorium and are also available for individual tuition.

Drama classes are held Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons with individual lessons arranged by appointment. The cost of lessons are $155 for group and $295 for individual tuition (based on a 10 week term). New students are always welcome and can join at any time.

Please don't hesitate to call the Con and speak to one of our friendly admin team who can help you choose the best option for your student.

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