Six months jail for DVD theft

STEALING DVDs from a video store does not usually warrant a jail sentence - unless the thief has a long history of stealing offences.

That was the case in Maclean Local Court yesterday when a South Grafton man was jailed for six months for stealing six DVDs.

That works out to be one month in jail for each DVD shoplifted.

Noel Andrew Gibson, 27, was arrested in South Grafton on Sunday after video store staff recognised him from the previous day's theft.

Police took Gibson back to his nearby motel room and recovered the stolen DVDs.

Police also found two cameras that Gibson admitted stealing from Harvey Norman on April 4.

Gibson was arrested and charged with shoplifting, larceny, and two counts of suspected stolen goods on property.

For stealing the cameras, Gibson was sentenced to 12 months jail with a non-parole period of nine months.

He was also sentenced to six months jail for shoplifting the DVDs and on both counts of having stolen goods.

Magistrate Kim Pogson ordered the four jail sentences to be served concurrently.

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